Book review: The Rule of Law in Cyberspace / ed. Carlos Blanco de Morais, Gilmar Ferreira Mendes, Thomas Vesting


The rule of law in cyberspace is currently facing serious challenges. The Internet has raised many new challenges for classical legal institutions, from the democratic system to the exercise of fundamental rights. This book makes a valuable contribution to the study of international, constitutional and administrative law, as all three sciences interact in cyberspace. The relevant chapters cover topics such as the concept of digital states, digital sovereignty, jurisdiction over the Internet, e-government and artificial intelligence. Special attention is paid to the areas of digital democracy, digital media and regulation of the digital space. The book explores the evolution of the rule of law in cyberspace and new legal regimes in the European Union and Brazil.



law; public law; digital democracy; cyberspace; social networks; Internet

DOI: DOI: 10.31249/iajpravo/2024.02.14

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