Human ecology, bio-law and biosafety law: interbranch and interdisciplinary interrelations



The article is devoted to the consideration of the interrelationships of the concept of “human ecology” with biolaw and one of its legal institutions – the law of biosafety. The content of “human ecology” as a concept and science is revealed. Attention is drawn to the fact that the concept of “human ecology” has not yet become the subject of in-depth analysis in domestic legal science. The necessity to implement the concept of human ecology in biological law in conjunction with medical, environmental and other branches of law is substantiated. The priority directions of legal regulation in biolaw affecting human ecology are identified.


human ecology; biolaw; biosafety law; medical law; biotechnology; biotechnological law; ecohumanization; health; human biological identity; bioethics.

DOI: 10.31249/iajpravo/2024.02.01

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