Modern legal education: topical issues of the introduction of digital technologies. (Article)

Umnova-Konyukhova I.A. , Aleshkova I.A.


Topical issues of the introduction of digital technologies into the education system, including in the training of lawyers, are considered. An attempt is made to assess the pros and cons of the digital educational environment. The positions of scientists who propose new methods and ways of organizing legal education, stimulating the educational and cognitive activity of students, mastering their knowledge, skills and abilities, developing creative abilities and moral and ethical views are analyzed. It is especially emphasized that when introducing a digital model of education, it is necessary to pay significant attention to the preservation of classical values and goals of legal education, as well as the development of a culture of interaction through digital systems, the ability to combine security measures to preserve personal data and legally protected types of secrets, the formation of analytical, not mechanical thinking.


legal education; teaching law; digital educational environment; distance learning; digital culture.

DOI: 10.31249/rgpravo/2022.02.02

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